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Sit on the floor with your legs folded under you. Put the palms on the floor on both sides of the body and straighten your spine. Now look in front and breathe normally.


The method of practicing Sarvanga Asana has been described in the preceding pages. After practicing Sarvanga Asana it is necessary to practice Matya Asana.


The perfect way of practicing Yoga Mudra is to be in the Lotus Pose first. But it is not easy for everyone to make the Lotus Pose.


Slowly bring right hand to the back. Fold it at the right elbow and then raise the back of the palm up towards the neck.

Stand up on the floor. Let the hands hang loosely on the sides. Make the body firm and straight. Look in front. Breathe normally. This is the position of readiness.

Persons with moderate joint pain of any type can be completely cured if they practice the asanas of the series.

Lie down on your stomach. Keep your arms stretched on both sides. Place your head resting on any check on the floor.

Lie down on your back on the floor. Keep the palms down and nearer to the body. Bring the heels and toes together and keep them loose.

Stand up on the floor. Keep both hands hanging down. Look straight on the same level as is the height of your eyes from the floor.