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#Sprouts for #Health Eat sprouted green gram everyday in the #morning and within 4 weeks you will see that your hair-fall has reduced and immune system is improved along with several other health benefits.


Sprouts for Health | McVitie's Healthy Habits

Bright Sunny Yellow People whose diets are rich in potassium may be less prone to high blood pressure. Besides reducing sodium and taking other heart-healthy steps, eat potassium-packed picks such as bananas, cantaloupe, and oranges.


Bright Sunny Yellow

Regulate #Thyroid Disorders Juice the ingredients mentioned below, and add coconut water! Drink once everyday to regulate thyroid disorders! 1 cucumber 5 stalks celery 5 carrots 1 cup coconut water 1 lemon


Regulate Thyroid Disorders | McVitie's Healthy Habits

#Oats for #good #health

Oats for good health | McVitie's Healthy Habits

Iron Rich Diet Most women don’t get enough iron in their diet. And add to that, women lose a lot of this important mineral during menstruation. Boost your intake by eating iron-rich foods such as lean lentils, spinach, almonds, and iron-fortified cereals.


Iron Rich Diet

Say no to packaged foods. The packaged food we consume is not healthy as most of the packaged foods are aimed at convenience and involve minimum preparation. They often contain high amounts of preservatives, man-made colorings and other added chemicals. And as a result packaged foods tend to be higher in fat, salt and sugar than food cooked from scratch, while lacking nutrients and fibre. Make it a habit to prepare meals from unprocessed foods and you will reap the health benefits.

Say no to packaged foods.

Drink Mint Tea Ease occasional indigestion by sipping a cup of peppermint tea after your meal. Peppermint improves the flow of bile, which moves food through the digestive tract more quickly. Use peppermint with caution if you have acid reflux; it can make that problem worse.

Drink Mint Tea

Eat Broccoli For healthy gums, put this green vegetable on your grocery list. It's an excellent source of vitamin C and provides calcium as well, both of which have been linked to lower rates of periodontal disease. Cook it properly and it is excellent for recipes

Eat Broccoli

Celery Juice for a healthy diet Celery juice has been shown to effectively and significantly lower total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol. Try and include this in your diet plan.

Celery Juice – for a healthy diet


Whole Wheat | McVitie's Healthy Habits