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an empty hallway with wood paneling and tile flooring on both sides, surrounded by metal partitions
an exhibit wall with various hexagonal objects on it's sides and the words lumix written in gold
Panasonic Photokina 2016 - by Dart Design Gruppe
an image of a table and bench with measurements for each section, including the height
TOYOSTEEL Belfino(ベルフィーノ)FNデスク 平机・L型デスク オフィスデスク TOYOSTEEL Belfino(ベルフィーノ)FNLシリーズ 平机・ラウンドデスク・L型デスク・ブーメランデスク
an office with green and white furniture in the center, suspended lights on the ceiling
Quattro - Picture gallery 46
Quattro - Picture gallery 1
the entrance to an office building with steps leading up to it and a tree in front
an entrance to a restaurant with neon signs on the wall and tables in the background
a woman sitting on a window sill in an office
Furniture by Enea for a coworking space with sea views
a kitchen with yellow painted walls and stools
Office Ravlyk
Office designed by NEBO Interiors. Designers: Alina Pun and Kateryna Bondarenko. Project year: 2018 Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
a close up of a bed with a wooden headboard
Moiré ascent staircase by Sophia Michopoulou
Designed by Sophia Michopoulou, Moiré ascent is a staircase inspired from the harmonic streams and ethereal movements for ethical office functionality. #architecture #architect #amazing #travel #amazing #decor #interior #interiordesignideas #interiordesigner #design #diy #home #house #modern #decoration #athens #greece #stairs #staircase #decoration
Woodworking ideas , tips,diy, plans , projects
Woodworking ideas , tips,diy, plans , projects
Ikea, Hardware, Diy Storage, Storage Rack, Diy Garage Storage, Garage Tools
Wall-Mounted Swivel Storage Rack