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Steel Pallet

Cevol Industries Pty Ltd is the leading steel pallet hiring business which has been Australian owned and operated since 1978.
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Avail some of the very best transport cages and several other warehousing related accessories only from the experts of CEVOL.

Get the very best steel cage Melbourne for your warehouse from CEVOL INDUSTRIES. They are now the largest manufacturer of steel pallets in Australia.

Material handling is the science of movement, handling and storage of material during transportation.

Cevol Industries Pty Ltd is Australia's largest provider of manual handling equipment, materials handling solutions and storage systems in Brisbane.

the most efficient solution when it comes to storage of goods and material and this is why they have acclaimed so much of popularity across the globe.

If you are a distribution or logistics professional then it may interest you to know that hiring from Cevol Industries is a great way to save money.

Cevol Industries specialize in all types of warehouse pallet rack systems. We have years of experience working in Manufacturing, Storage, Transport, Warehousing and Material Handling.