#Tennis Elbow or #lateral Epicondylitis - A State that causes pain throughout the outside of the #elbow. Know More on treatment procedures at medeguru. www.medeguru.com.

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Midfacelift- In individuals, a major sign of youth and beauty is the midface/cheek projection and round facial contours. With aging, the facial fullness of a person is affected by the gravity and fat deflation. A more tired and older looking face comes as a result of flattening of this area. - See more at: http://www.medeguru.com/common-cosmetic-surgery/mid-face-lift/#sthash.T5nf3lR3.dpuf

Get the refreshed look to your #Eyes and Face through Eye Lid Surgery. Know more on procedures and various treatments. Visit : http://goo.gl/tupNd8

Achilles Tendinitis - an overuse injury of the Achilles tendon. Are you suffering from Achlles Tendinitis? Learn about the symptoms, causes and Treatments. Visit : www.medeguru.com. Enquiry : info.medeguru@gmail.com

Feel Better with Rhinoplasty -Nose Surgery. Know More about Procedures and Treatment options @ www.medeguru.com

Lip Augmentation or Lip Enhancement - A cosmetic procedure to enhance the beauty of your lips. Get to know more on various cosmetic procedures from medeguru. Visit www.medeguru.com info.medeguru@gmail.com

Restore the beauty of your face structure through Chin Augmentation or Chin Implants. Know more on Treatment Procedures and Options from www.medeguru.com - the complete online health portal

Get the younger look to your face by cosmetic surgery with affordable cost. Read more on medegru www.medeguru.com

Get more beautyful breast by breast augmentation. medeguru provides more details about breast augmentation and all the types of cosmetic surgery www.medeguru.com

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