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an image of a bathroom setting with the words functional aesthetics above it and below it
Functional Aesthetics
The contemporary vanity crafted by Furniture Tech sets a stylistic tone for any bath space. The perfect-looking functional design could provide a great deal of storage for all your bathroom essentials.
an image of a room with wooden floors and furniture in it, including a plant
Beauty with style
The chic cabinet captures attention with its mirror-panelled door adding a unique character to it. The sleek wooden texture enhances the industrial flair of this modern design.
a living room with furniture and accessories in shades of grey, brown, gold and white
Sofa by Furniture Tech
This unique tufted sofa designed by Furniture Tech with bold black leather will define any space that it occupies. The small circular table is super useful for books or morning coffee.
the color scheme for an interior design project
The wooden mirror
The confluence of diverse materials brings exquisite beauty and a unique appeal to the interiors. The wooden mirror will create a decor statement to the home.
an image of a wooden floor with different colors and materials to choose from for the next project
The Reception Table
The interplay of two distinct textures lends an unmatched look to the reception table. The texture speaks of modern elegance and class.
an image of a living room with furniture and wallpapers in shades of beige, brown
Ergonomic Couch
The ergonomic couch designed by Furniture tech is an amalgamation of comfort and style. The cushion with wooden legs entails uniqueness in design.