Japanese Graphic Design, Mitsuo Katsui by Alki1, via Flickr

Japanese Graphic Design, Mitsuo Katsui Morisawa Font computer designed poster by Katsui, Mitsuo Printed offset lithography. One of a set of four Morisawa font posters. I like the color mix and trancparancy

Mitsuo Katsui

Japanese Graphic Design, Mitsuo Katsui International Design Center Nagoya designed by Katsui, Mitsuo printed offset lithography.

Gerhard Wiesbeck is one skilled tattoo artist. His complex designs are comprised of intricate line work and minimal color. If you want to get some work done by him, then you are going to have to make your way out to Germany.

Intricate Ink by Gerhard Wiesbeck

Mitsuo Katsui (I assume this has something to do with Japanese typography. However, it reminds me of the kind of designs you get on radio spectrum analyzers... which I've been trying to incorporate for years...)

"Letters and Life" poster by Mitsuo Katsui. I believe it's an ad for some kind of font. Love the blurred lines and colouring.

Cube by Evan Robarts is a colorful collection of geometrically painted cubes with a beautiful touch of blurriness, volume, stretched lines and crisp color hues. Robarts is especially into th...

Cube by Evan Robarts

likeafieldmouse: “ Evan Robarts - Cube, Rainbow - Marker and gloss on paper ”


Conrad Jon Godly’s Abstract Mountains Represent Power, Spirituality, and Imperishable Magnificence. When looking at Swiss painter Conrad Jon Godly’s mounta