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"What the feudal system?!"

"What the feudal system?" xD When I watched this episode I was like Family TV show remember? But tbh his reaction was exactly what I was thinking xD WHAT THEEE.

Thereโ€™s actually an article on pottermore. It used to be a trapdoor entrance, but the bathrooms were built over it, so the current heir made he sink the new entrance.

The first one doesn't really bother me. (I love book and movie Hermione) but good lord "lumos" and "calmly" make me nerd rage

Supernatural Dead

Supernatural Dead <<< this deserves to be pinned on my supernatural board & on my book board bc in red queen, shade barrow was supernatural-dead, and in glass sword, he was dead-dead, and i still havent stopped sobbing

I would absolutely try to kill them both for that prank. And then, I would hug them and continue to cry.

McGonagall is the best and i love her

I feel like this would have only worked in the first and second year. After that they would start getting creative