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Simple Diwali Rangoli Designs - Rangoli Designs

Make simple Diwali rangoli designs and welcome goddess Lakshmi into your home. Use flowers, flower petals and rangoli powder to create beautiful rangolis.

Border rangoli

Border rangoli- all designs made in rice! They keep the designs for the day and then destroy them for another one the next morning.

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Rangoli for Diwali

Rangoli for Diwali 2017 - Rangoli

Discover the most beautiful rangoli for Diwali 2017 collection. Get some fresh rangoli design ideas for the festive season and decorate your home with us.

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Happy Diwali Rangoli Designs Diwali is all about crackers, sweets, and beautiful Rangoli patterns. People make some beautiful and attractive Rangoli

Simple Kolam Rangoli Designs

it's Indian culture made from colour powder on the floor. its about deepavali festival

Super Easy Circle Rangoli Designs|Creative Rangoli by Shital Mahajan. - YouTube

Rangoli Art is the traditional art of India. It is believed that having Rangoli Design in front of your house brings good luck apart from home decoration pur.

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