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We all feel that flight attendants are there onboard to bring to us yummy food, tea, coffee and headphones,and many more such things. Don't we? Flight attendants are there onboard the aircraft to make sure you are safe.

THESE ARE THE THINGS YOUR FLIGHT ATTENDANT CAN'T DO FOR YOU |Things that passengers make sure they ask them to do - My Little Muffin

An Indigo pilot named Harish Nayani, who is an ex-NDA, erstwhile IAF fighter pilot, had a war-hero passenger on his flight the other day. This pilot did something for him that not many people must have tried to do in the near past.

A war hero applauded 36000ft above sea level on Indigo's flight - My Little Muffin

The poor passengers waited for two hours on Chennai tarmac to facilitate a romantic stop-over in Male.... ;) Wow, really creepy I must say!!!

Passengers stranded to facilitate a romantic stopover - My Little Muffin

Are you a Flight attendant?? Go play these fun pranks and enjoy this April Fool's Day!!!Trust me nothing can be better than cracking a joke at your work place to brighten up your day. Now for a cabin ATTENDANT since the work place is 36000 feet above the sea level, the pressure of safety and security is really high. Hence, its really important to let go at times.

Fun April fool pranks for flight attendants

Here are some truths that I learnt only coz I was a flight attendant once.Flying was not just a career option for me. It was my passion. Passion to live life to the fullest. Passion to live life on my own terms

Some truths that I learnt only coz I was a flight attendant... - My Little Muffin