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Jolly Phonics Songs. I'm so thrilled to have stumbled onto this! My grandson's kindergarten used this program and he loved it.This makes me an awesome grandma! Thanks!


Phonics Bags - each bag has a book about that letter and a few things that start with that letter. Might be fun to start to make and use with M as this next year goes by...


It's Playtime: Fun Literacy Play Ideas

Here are some of the wonderfully fun and creative ways for playing with sound and letters that were linked up last week! Ready Set Read 2 Me had a wonderful idea for creating fairy tale prop baskets to prompt storytelling! Gratefully Continue reading It’s Playtime: Fun Literacy Play Ideas!

Long Vowels Spelling Rules Poster Set

Did you know there are over a dozen spellings for the long ‘a’ vowel sound alone? Help your students learn when to use the long vowel sound with these long vowel spelling rules posters! #TpT #TeacherGems #LongVowels

Phonics BINGO

Jolly Phonics BINGO - A fun way to review the Jolly Phonics actions. 15 game boards and two sets of calling cards (action pictures or letters). Great activity for both small group or whole class!