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an image of two faces with the words tell me when you close your eyes,
Narrative Nº 2
Narrative Nº 2 on Behance
graffiti on the side of a building that says,'india'in pink and black
Kangan Arora Design
Devnagari Pins
Kali Hindu, Durga Kali, Mother Kali, Shakti Goddess, Indian Goddess, Vedas, Vedic Art
Rare Books Society of India
Dance of Shiva and Kali. Punjab, India. 1780. Dance, Himalayan, Dancing Shiva, Hindu Deities, Lord Shiva Painting, Kali Goddess
Magic Transistor
Dance of Shiva and Kali. Punjab, India. 1780.
an image of a man sitting in the woods with skulls on his chest and feet
The old Indian matchbox prints have a retrospective charm that appeals to people's emotions and cultural heritage. By using these designs in our creatives, we can create a sense of familiarity and patriotism that resonates with our audience while also paying homage to India's rich artwork and design history. Instagram, Tattoo, Kali, Tatoo, Dharma, Indian Art
Indian Matchbox Design - MahaShivratri 2023
an orange and blue background with the words read this if you are feeling undesirable / forgotten
Kuantan, Frases, Illustrations, Self, Words, Ethereal Art
an advertisement for the film love me more
Mitski Love Me More Poster | ig: @deeyasart
Mitski laurel hell poster devanagari hindi typeface based
rapunzel's magic flower tuts
an image of a painting with two people holding hands and one person sitting on the ground
Hilma af Klint Knew Her Worth Before the World Did (Published 2022)