sundeep mengarthy

sundeep mengarthy

sundeep mengarthy
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Pure Lighting - TruLine .5a, 24VDC Plaster-In LED System

TruLine Watt Plaster-In LED System creates a clean line of glare free general illumination within drywall. The linear LED system features a shallow inch deep plaster in aluminum extrusion no thicker than drywall that houses a single row

I love this marble. I would use it on every project if I could. AAI | AAA Club HQ in Emeryville, CA

In AAI designed a new corporate headquarters for AAA Club located in Emeryville, California. AAA Club has provided auto and travel services throughout

Fuxing Plaza · Shanghai, China |

In a project developed for Fuxing Plaza, an enormous retail and office complex located in Shanghai, the architects from boutique design studio AIM have brought together futuristic minimalism and new material solutions.