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Mental Health Real Talk

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This week, we explore the difference in how men and women fall in love. If you are dating or single, you don't want to miss it! Hear what Relationship Coach, Kevin Hick has to say.
Toxic relationship can hurt your mental health. Join Counselor, Kris Reece as she examines boundaries you need to set when dealing with a toxic mother.
Is your marriage struggling and you long for the good old days? Brad gives advice on how to reconnect with your spouse in this weeks. "RELATIONSHIP TALK."

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Life & Relationship Coach, Stephanie Lyn explores the various aspects of life that determines how truly happy we are. Her advice might surprise you! Join us!
Sugar withdrawal is like opioid withdrawal. Sugar withdrawal is real. Sugar withdrawal symptoms include headaches, muscle cramps, bloating, but the mental effect can include feeling depressed or anxious. Excessive sugar intake produces an increase in the endorphins that your body makes. Sugar also activates dopamine, which is the reward system in your brain. You'll need to pay close attention to the hidden sugars in processed foods to be able to stop eating sugar.
Major depression is an illness and not a weakness or failure. This video shows you how depression develops in the brain. I also talk about how long depression lasts. Depression is more than sadness or a temporary funk. Since it's beyond your control, you can't simply stop being depressed.

Mental Health Real Talk Videos

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Researchers at Johns Hopkins published a study in December 2019 showing a link between e-cigarettes and depression. This isn’t the first study of it’s kind. There have been others. Depression and vaping are seen as having a bidirectional relationship. Depression leads to vaping and vaping increases depression symptoms over time. In the scientific community, study findings need to be replicated before the ideas presented in them are considered generally accepted.
Learn how to become mentally and emotionally healthy.  There are tips on how to improve your overall life.
An essential feature of avoidant personality disorder is a pattern of being socially inhibited, feeling inadequate and hypersensitive to rejection or criticism starting by early adulthood.   This pattern occurs pervasively which means it spreads across all areas of your life. So it’s not something you only noticed after being a bad relationship with someone who sucked your soul and tore you down emotionally.

Mental Health

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