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Clean Gas

With 100%cleangas, the gas supplied has 100% of the carbon emissions offset through Carbon Credits.
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Did you know that one 100% cleangas customer offsets 14,400 lbs of carbon pollution annually - the same environmental impact as planting 173 trees and growing them for 10 years! Share this information with your friends so they know just how beneficial becoming a North American Power customer can be, not only for adding green to their pockets, but going green for the future.

The annual impact of 1,000 cleangas customers is equivalent to avoiding greenhouse gas emissions produced by 350 vehicles in a year!

The annual impact of two cleangas Customers offsets 7,495.5 lbs of carbon pollution. Now that the Pay It Forward and Welcome Bonus promotions have been extended, multiply that number by just 100 new Customers. That's an annual impact of avoiding greenhouse gas emissions produced by 70 vehicles! Together, we have the ability to positively impact the environment as we transform incomes! It really doesn't get much more powerful than this! Learn more about the MOST rewarding promotions here.