Henry Kelly

Henry Kelly

Im me... what can i say? you either like me or you hate me, ( i tend to make everyone hate me :P lol ) im a fun person, love to have a laugh sorta keen on meeti
Henry Kelly
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ArtStation - CryEngine Voxel-Based Experiments, Brian Leleux

ArtStation - CryEngine Voxel-Based Experiments, Brian Leleux

Israel we have created the dessert eagle the tavor and many others so all this world should stfu and start like us israel made the uzi and all its palls which are common guns and smgs so.yeah israel is the best

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from top: 1. and 2. are civilian version of SCAR-L, one in FDE color the other in black. 3. SCAR-H Standard with 16" barrel 4. SCAR-H CQC[close quarters combat 13" barrel 5. LB [long barrel] 20" barrel

from top: and are civilian version of SCAR-L, one in FDE color the other in black. SCAR-H Standard with barrel SCAR-H CQC[close quarters combat barrel LB [long barrel] barrel