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type specimen poster impact

Impact is the font, Geoffrey Lee is the designer of this font. i like this poster, cause the picture(line of letters on the left) are being impacted by the word Impact, which is the name of the font!

type specimen poster

I like the pops of colour that are in these examples, since I have to stitch the specimen onto an actually sheet I thought that I could have the majority of the type in the same colour embroidery.

type specimen poster briem akademi std

type specimen poster briem akademi std

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My school was running a competition for a poster design for the upcoming annual drama festival.

Infographic Calendar 2012 - Bureau Oberhaeuser - Information & Interfacedesign

The Bureau Oberhaeuser calendar is taking an infographic approach to a printed calendar visualizing one year in a unique way.

3d calendar

Infographic Calendar 2013 by Mohit Lakhmani, via Behance