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The God

Praise to the God! I recognize his Pure Awareness at the center of all. Like the sun, he reveals the hidden with his light. He is the silent witness of all that is. He is the Eternal and the Infinite ever dances around him.
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Subrahmanya naga. "Indian Deities," 2 albums 195 illus. S.Andhra Pradesh (north of Madras), bordering Karnataka, c.1720-1730. Depicted as a serpent with five heads and worshiped by two priests, Subrahmanya is one that is pleasant to the Brahmans, that is to say, to those who commit to know the nature of the Self, Brahman, the Absolute.

Shiva, Mentor der Welt , Zerstörer von Tripura den (drei ummauerten Städten- Egoismus, Lust , Wut) Herr der (Uma die voller Licht ist , Wissen und Glückseligkeit).Uma- Maheswara die Schatzkammer des Wissens ( Yogishvara).

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