Not All Princesses Dress in Pink on

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink: Jane Yolen, Heidi E. Stemple, Anne-Sophie Lanquetin Please buy real books from a real book store.

The Paper Bag Princess  on

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch ~ A MUST READ for all little girls and young women! Read this as a kid

Top Read Aloud Books Starring Mighty Girls

Matilda - Roald Dahl Going to buy all Roald Dahl for my kiddo when she is bigger.

Things to be shared with my oldest grandchild

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Child of Faerie, Child of Earth on

Child of Faerie, Child of Earth - Jane Yolen, Jane Dyer - A delightful picture book about a faery boy and an earthly girl who meet under the full moon of All Hallow's Eve and become friends.