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Fashion Sketchbook page with fashion design drawings & research; fashion portfolio // Mirjam Maeots


Mirjam Maeots - ArtsThread Profile

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portfolio final collection

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design development; creative process; fashion portfolio // Giryung Kim

portfolio final collection - ArtsThread

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ARTS THREAD Portfolios - ARTS THREAD. Could be a good way to showcase different types of paper used in a design.

FAD | Crystallization - ArtsThread

Alice Fern - To Dye For collection!collections/35-to-dye-for-by-alice-fern

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Westminster amy dee

Nice Illustration and fabric layout //ISSUU - WESTMINSTERFASHION Amy Dee portfolio by WESTMINSTERFASHION


Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustration & flat drawings; fashion portfolio // Emma Berry

WESTMINSTERFASHION Emma Berry Portfolio #ClippedOnIssuu


“Serpentine”, 2013 Ekaterina Koroleva follow me... - ekaterina-koroleva

Fashion illustration - beautifully chic, fashion drawing // Ekaterina Koroleva

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Portfolio Stephanie Lai #ClippedOnIssuu

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations; geometric fashion design; fashion portfolio // Stephanie Lai

Portfolio Stephanie Lai #ClippedOnIssuu

Black | 黒 | Kuro | Nero | Noir | Preto | Ebony | Sable | Onyx | Charcoal | Obsidian | Jet | Raven | Color | Texture | Pattern | Styling |

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Fashion Sketchbook - lingerie illustration; contour fashion design portfolio // Marie Gallagher

Marie Gallagher