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Don't text and drive.

Texting and driving…

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The Cereal’s Gambit: | 26 Texts You Need To See Before You Die

The Cereal's Gambit:

These texts are the only thing that matter. These are the alpha and the omega. You cannot shuffle off this mortal coil without seeing these texts.

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Well this'll make for a great dinner conversation.

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College humor

College humor by Meeshelle85 on

Funny Text Messages

Funny Text Messages

Text from dog...

Ned Hardy - The Amazing World Of Animals

The Amazing World Of Animals

Funniest Auto-Corrects Of 2011

Funniest Auto-Corrects Of 2011

Poor guy

15 Funniest Wrong Number Texts of 2011 - Damn You Auto Correct!

Take a break from Autocorrects and check out the 15 funniest Wrong Number Texts from 2011. Be sure to check out our other site Wrong Number Texts for hundreds more! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

funny text messages gone wrong | ew-text-messages-gone-bad-mom-miltonious-blog

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