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Sugar and dairy-free marvellous chocolate muffins!

Hemsley + Hemsley's quinoa and roasted veg salad and choc mousse

Spinach salad with smoked turkey and pistachios

One of the best compliments of someone's cooking is when others use your recipe regularly. Many people may ask for a recipe, but they may not venture to make it. It likely gets added to the ever-gr...

Frosted pumpkin smoothie

Famous for appearing at Halloween, pumpkin is not just a seasonal treat, as Cheryl's Frosted Pumpkin Smoothie shows!

Banana, date and walnut cake

Banana, date and walnut cake (I used pecans instead and added orange juice and zest)

Sweet and savoury muffins

Join Jessie Pavelka and Cheryl Forberg and follow our diet plan to help you give up sugar to get healthy, lose weight and feel great!