Shiva Shakti

What another beautiful image of me joining in marriage with Shiva. We are the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Shiva and Parvati. Lift and Dark. Control and Impulse. We balance each other in unity.

Shiva Nataraja : SKETCH: WIP by

Shiva Nataraja - in his left hand is the fire of destruction, and in his right, the drum of creation.

Lakshmi. She epitomises grace, beauty, bounty and good fortune. Always depicted with the lotus, a symbol of purity and growth

Just to gaze upon the Goddess Lakshmi with a loving heart will bring her blessings to you . Lakshmi ~ the Hindu Goddess ~ "Beloved Goddess, make my eyes ever aware of beauty, make my heart ever open to love.

Lord Shiva

Nataraja - Shiva Nataraja is a brilliant invention. It combines in a single image Shiva's roles as creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universe and conveys the Indian conception of the never-ending cycle of time.

Shiva, Bienveillant Seigneur, Puissant Dieu Destructeur dont la danse Cosmique signe la fin des Mondes. Il n'est aucun progrès spirituel qui ne demande le démantèlement de nos convictions ou attitudes. Détruire pour reconstruire. Shiva est Bon et Bienveillant, même si les transformations auxquelles il nous invite sont douloureuses. Les épreuves de la vie, fortuites ou conséquences de karma antérieurement acquis, peuvent, et doivent être comprises et vécues comme des opportunités d'évolution.

yogaprivatelessons: “ Shiva ” Dancing Shiva or Nataraja. Meaning: "The Lord of Dance" This distinction is important because not only does it have various implications in terms of the story told, but.

Shiva~ Nataraja. Shiva dancing the world out of existence, crushing ignorance under his feet.

Lord Shiva - "God of Destruction" statue at CERN LHC. Apollyon/Abaddon also means Destruction/Destroyer! Is the CERN-LHC an attempt to open the bottomless pit ie blackhole/wormhole at the centre of our galaxy to release Apollyon/Abaddon of Revelation

Krishna & Radha I'm kinda obsessed with their love story bc it is US!

The eternal lovers : Krishna & Radha. I'm kinda obsessed with their love story bc it is US!