Art from Antique books by Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Alexander Korzer-Robinson - this artist creates these images by hand cutting into pages of old books to create a image based on the elements he chooses to keep and display.

how much do i love joseph cornell...

CAGED "A Parrot for Juan Gris" Joseph Cornell Surrealistic objects collage as inspiring diorama. Lost Marbles Copper Metal Art & Jewelry: Joseph Cornell’s Boxes

Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell often worked from a literary story and created a visual parallel. I often work in reverse, from visual bits to create a poem or piece of prose.

By Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell, Swiss Shoot the Chutes, x x cm, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice

Joseph Cornell / Untitled (Bird)

Joseph Cornell / Untitled (Bird) I saw some Joseph Cornell boxes at MOMA.

joseph cornell bird boxisnt that so cool would love and learn .. amazing

cavetocanvas: Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Bird Box), c. 1948 From the National Galleries of Scotland: Cornell was a keen amateur naturalist and bird-watcher. He began using engravings and cut-out pictures of birds, as well as stuffed birds, from

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If I were to do 3D work again, it would be like this. I've been a fan of Joseph Cornell's work since I can remember....

'Dime-Store Alchemy': Joseph Cornell's Surrealist Boxes

Untitled ( the Hotel Eden) 1945 - Joseph Cornell think of creating your own frames and boxes within the box

Joseph Cornell's Shadow Boxes I like this one just because it a bottle and it shows the history behind it.

Joseph Cornell's Shadow Boxes: Again, this box is perfect inspiration for a mixed media piece into portraiture but perhaps also juxtaposition. The objects could appear imposed or perhaps parts of the face are imposed on to the Cornell-inspired background.

Joseph Cornell: It is important to look at the dates of these assemblages to feel the full genius of them.

Joseph Cornell: Navigating the Imagination "Untitled (Tilly Losch)," a Cornell shadow box (dated is one of the works in this exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass.

This is not a craft blog: BDB: Joseph Cornell (1903-1972)

Joseph Cornell: Navigating the Imagination: Observatory: Corona Borealis Casement, 1950

Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell Untitled (Pharmacy), ca. 1942 Box construction, x x cm Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice PG 128

Joseph Cornell

Filming Detroit II —for Joseph Cornell “A bad event happened to me but its having occurred became even more complicated in m.