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Nurse humor

15 things only nurses will find funny nurse humor Yes, batteries for your moms TV remote ARE more important than what I am doing!- no nurse ever

250 Funny Reasons You Know You're a Nurse #Nursebuff #Nurse #Humor

we need to institute a rule where if you say the 'q word' you have to take the next five buzzers.

This is the painful story of my life. "Here, no, I'll put them in your mouth. Just...here...open up."

So frustrating! And it's always those teeny tiny pills. I cringe every time I see someone pour their pills in their hand and then try to basically throw them into their mouth!

Easy cheese & onion slice. This cheesy dish is a great buffet recipe for guests to just help themselves to.

Easy cheese & onion slice - tasty and simple to make, great for a buffet or picnic.

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day 24 Pics

Lol after adopting my baby CoCo (Who is a dog) I've decided the very first day we spent together that I don't really like cats anymore. lol I mean, they're ok, but dogs are way better

I made these Class cards that are a little bit bigger than the size of an index card and placed a couple of useful visuals on them to use for students with Autism.

These support cards would be a life saver in my classroom management, student can ask for a break, help and understand when they need to wait and what comes next.

David Wagner Huddersfield Town

David Wagner Huddersfield Town

Ben chillwell

keen on deal for Leicester defender Ben Chilwell this summer

This made me laugh way too hard!

I very rarely read these but iI was laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my face! Pardon the language, but these were some of the funniest autocorrects I've seen!