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Coffee bar DIY industrial style desk made with butcher block wood and painted galvanized pipe, floor flanges, and elbows. Lag bolts used through flanges for disassembly.

Davis Oak Stained Reclaimed Scaffolding by UrbanGrainInteriors

Medium Oak Stained Reclaimed Pine Scaffolding Boards and Galvanised Steel Pipe Wall Mounted and Floor Standing Industrial Chic Dressing Room

Douglas récupéré échafaudage Conseil Bureau par UrbanGrainInteriors

Quote: "Douglas Reclaimed Scaffolding Board Industrial Style Desk with Built In Storage Section, Overhead Monitor Mounting Rails and Under Shelf"

Wesley Scaffolding Board And Steel Pipe Shelving More

Bespoke Listing for Linda - Scaffolding Boards and Dark Steel Pipe Wall Mounted and Floor Industrial Chic Shelving/Bookcase