Oversized abstract motifs, all curves and psychedelic colors, are back and trending in fashion, art and design.

Innovative Textile Design - sculptural leather garment with feathered texture, colored with heat responsive ink.

Colour-changing ink transforms flame-engulfed headdress

Innovative Textiles Design - sculptural leather garments with feathered textures, coloured with heat responsive ink; fabric manipulation art THE UNSEEN// Lauren Bowker

Zita Merényi is a fashion and textile designer who has recently launched her stunning and innovative fashion line, Provo-CUT. Provo CUT: A Collection Stemming From Scars in style fashion main Category

Soldered Seams - innovative textiles for fashion design, creative fabric manipulation, Zita Merenyi

Artistic Knitwear with intricately structured design; sculptural fashion // Sandra Backlund

Last Breath Bruises Collection - knitwear by Swedish designer Sandra Backlund.

Fashion Architecture - 3D structured sleeve detail; futuristic fashion; close up fashion // Iris van Herpen, ss12

Straight sharp line, powerful and futuristic Fashion Architecture - structured sleeve detail; close up fashion // Iris van Herpen,

Fashion - Details - Cording

Very nice details.Steel Blue Loose Tunic with Strap Details. Ohmplayground on etsy.

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