going to Costa Rica with my family at the end of February.

Hanging bridge in the canopy of the rainforest, Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Some day I will live in Paris France

In this post I will show you top ten Paris facts. Paris is the capital city of France. Many people consider it as a Romantic city. It is famous with the wonderful landmark of Eiffel Tower.

J'adore Paris!

Sunset in Paris © Vladimir Fofanov; "a magical sunset from the Alexander III bridge.


Newcastle Upon Tyne, England is the Hometown of GW Soccer's Matthew Scott. In Robert Stephenson's High Level Bridge of 1849 opened and it was the first road/rail bridge in the world. Today the Tyne Bridge has a modern structure.


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Urban hiking in Rio

There's more to Rio than Copacabana, caipirinhas and carnival. Carole Cadwalladr discovers the city's breathtaking peaks offer some of the world's best urban hiking

Can't wait to explore.

Puerto Viejo, Puerto Rico I have never seen a water fall and this looks like a great place for a family picture.


Attractions In Egypt - Drinking Water- On your trip to Egypt always drink bottled water and carry lots of it. Tap water is only for bathing and washing.