Ignored Everyday Industrial Design Festival Campaign

Ignored Everyday Industrial Design Festival Campaign

Ignored Everyday Industrial Design Festival Campaign by Melanie Scott Vincent, via Behance // poster, layout

Manchester campaign to stop people from littering. Playful approach with copy referencing famous song lyrics and film quotes, coupled with bold messages warning residents of fines and urging them to keep their city clean.

"A professional design studio within a council is quite a rarity": a look at Manchester Council's creative team, M-Four

M-Four Simple yet communicative. This anti-litter campaign used witty, culturally-related phrases to convey the campaign's purpose.

Cabinet exhibition (2012 Winner) by Will Day,	Mark Girvan and David Jones. Started to look at the D Professional Awards entries for rough ideas and see what sort of work gets entered. A brutally challenging campaign about the Plymouth City Museum. Challenging the stereotypical public perceptions in the arts. The message packs a punch. Simple in design, but the rationale makes up for it.

Cabinet - Buddy Creative - Devised to challenge mainstream perceptions of museums and art galleries, Cabinet was an exhibition of works by 12 architects

The Happy Show by Stefan Sagmeister (Sagmeister & Walsh)

"The Happy Show" exhibition by Stefan Sagmeister (Sagmeister & Walsh) presented at the 2014 Design Indaba Conference.

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Childhood Eye Cancer Trust shows parents how flash photography can detect eye cancer with interactive poster campaign