Hand Embroidery

This is a collection of all of the best hand embroidery patterns, from simple beginner embroidery patterns up to detailed and intricate hand embroidery…
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a cross stitch pattern on a pink wall with a cactus and potted plant next to it
Mindful bathroom embroidery pattern
Soak up the dreamy vibes of this collab project; a gorgeous appliqué and embroidered hoop from illustrator Laura Page and embroidery designer Lucy Peltier 🛀 Find the template and step-by-step pattern in Love Embroidery Magazine issue 23 🧵
a cross stitch pattern with the letter m on it and flowers in front of it
How to Make + Gift Embroidery Projects | Mindful Mantra Embroidery
Giving and receiving handmade gifts is the most wonderful thing! If you'd love to make something for a friend or family member, but you're not sure where to start, this is the blog post for you. Click through to read our best tips for gifting your embroidery projects, and even some ideas of what you can make!
an embroidered pillow with flowers on it sitting on a couch next to a green cushion
Embroider a Pillowcase with Summery Florals
Would you like to embroider pillowcases, tea towels and other home decor, that perfectly matches your vibe? Get your hands on a copy of Creative Embroidery & Beyond, co-authored by Sophie Timms of Mindful Mantra Embroidery with 2 other embroidery artists. Get 18 gorgeous embroidery patterns including this pillow case floral design!
someone's hand on the back of their jean pants with some stickers in front of them
Embroider on denim with stick and stitch embroidery designs
Do you want to embroider on your clothes? With Mindful Mantra Embroidery's stick and stitch packs, embroidering on clothing is a breeze. Upcycle your clothes with floral and botanical designs that you can be proud of! Get yours at Mindful Mantra Embroidery
a close up of a embroidery project with scissors and thread
Butterfly Embroidery Pattern
Embroider this pretty butterfly and 17 other gorgeous embroidery patterns with embroidery book, ‘Creative Embroidery & Beyond’. A collaboration of 3 embroidery artists and a whole bunch of embroidery fun🪡✨ Click through to buy your copy now!
embroidery on wooden hoops with the title how to start embroiderying even if you're not creative
Start embroidery, even if you're not creative!
Here's 5 embroidery projects to get started with hand embroidery. At Mindful Mantra Embroidery, we believe that everyone is creative in some way, and can embroider if they want to! Learn embroidery with our beginner friendly embroidery patterns
an embroidery project with the words 5 ways to gift your embroidery
5 Embroidered Gift Ideas | Mindful Mantra Embroidery
Would you love to gift your embroidery creations? Here are 5 perfect gifts that you can embroider for a loved one. From monogrammed initials to personalised clothes, or even the gift of a DIY kit, there's a pattern here for all occasions. Click through to find 5 ways to gift your embroidery projects, and 3 helpful tips for your embroidery!
embroidery on fabric with the words how to trace your embroidery pattern onto your fabric
How to Trace Your Embroidery Pattern to Fabric | Mindful Mantra Embroidery
Do you struggle to get your embroidery pattern onto your fabric? Learning how to transfer embroidery patterns is a crucial skill to learn, and allows you to be able to stitch any design you like! Here we talk about why pilot frixion pens are the best way to transfer patterns, and our 4 best tips for transferring patterns neatly! Click here to read more.
three embroidery projects with text that reads 5 projects that anybody can embroiderr
5 Patterns to Embroider | Mindful Mantra Embroidery
Have you tried embroidery? Everybody is creative, and let us prove it! Anybody can embroider these 5 beautiful floral inspired embroidery patterns and learn embroidery the easy way.
embroidery needles with the words what size embroidery needle do i use? and how to know the differences between them
What Size Needle Do I Use for Embroidery?
Do you struggle knowing what needle to use, or what size? In this blog we go into all the details about what the different types of needles are, what the sizes mean, and when to use each one. Read the blog post to find out more!
an embroidered pillow with flowers on it sitting on a chair next to a green cushion
Floral Embroidered Pillowcase | Mindful Mantra Embroidery
Would you like to embroider a floral border on a pillowcase? In our book, Creative Embroidery and Beyond, get this pattern and 17 others to learn embroidery and embroider some gorgeous home decor, clothing and gifts. Get yours on Amazon or your local bookstore!