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Minesh Parikh

Minesh Parikh
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Keep a potato around until some eyes start growing on it. Slice a piece of the potato off where the eye is, and put it in a cup with water covering the potato, but not the eye. Soon, you'll have a potato plant sprouting up and you can plant it in the garden, or just watch it grow in the cup (no potatoes will grow in the cup, but the plant will grow and look good.)

growing potato and celery from cuttings - also notes on starting various seeds (spices, fruit) - looks like a good urban farming site - check more later ********************************************** CityGirlFarming - - - tå√garden

Sliding jig plan for cutting narrow strips

We& show you handy tips and techniques for using your table saw. Use these accessories to help you make clean, straight and safe cuts on your next woodworking project. You& be able to cut extra long, extra wide and extra thick wood without any problems.

table top fasteners

Elegant Tabletop Fasteners By Tom Caspar On my best work, I want the bottom of my project to look as good as the top. That’s when I make an old-fashioned set of wooden tabletop fasteners, or “buttons,” rather than use the modern stamped-steel type.