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vederlicht: We interrupt your regularly scheduled Moomins for a new picture of the ever-so-lovely Hachi-san. Their Moomin art is some of the best I know

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When we were younger watching cartoons was the best part of getting home from school. But, how well do you remember these cartoons and their characters?

Snufkin and Moomin

Snufkin and Moomintroll

Moomin Valley, Tove Jansson, Finland, Banda

Snufkin and Little My

Love of my childhood. Though I never stopped loving you Snufkin.

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Snufkin and Moomin

Moomin - The house

The Moomins - animation

Moomin and Snork Maiden swimming

Moomin and Snork Maiden swimming


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Pala Auroran lastensairaalan seinää

Pala Auroran lastensairaalan seinää