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Just Lucy

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My 'everyday' wearable collection developed from a love of neglected vintage paper. Each piece is 100% bespoke and cannot be reproduced due to the rare nature of the materials. Each piece is made with love in my own workshop, intended for lovely people who adore lovely pretty things!! :-) xXx

Coronation Neck Piece Hand folded over sized paper neck piece picked from my 'Coronation Collection' Photography - Annabella Whispers Photography

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Over sized hand folded paper neck piece in pastel pink, yellow, green and blue, used as a display piece

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Over sized Pastel Neck piece Hand folded paper neck piece designed to create an impact and capture peoples imagination! Photographer - Annabella Whispers Photography

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£12 Hetty Necklace 1920s vintage paper - female figure.

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Pastel Bunting Necklace £18 Vintage sheet music on pastel bunting Photography - Annabella Whispers Photography

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Pink cord wrap bracelet with vintage paper charms. A heart and folded vintage sheet music.

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Pretty Bow Brooch £14 Extremely unique wooden brooch decorated with a vintage paper bow from the 1920's. Appears 3D but in fact totally 2D!!!

Pretty Blue Dress Brooch £10 Vintage Paper from 1920s