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<3 you guyss!!!

basically<< buts its good :)<<< I love u all! I'm in Canada:) how bout u lovely directioners?

Or repin :)

I am the biggest Directioner in my school as well! I was the only one who supported One Direction from the beginning in my city/town and school!

Always ❤️

No I would not like to meet the five boys that constantly bring me joy everyday of my life I would absolutely LOVE to! The boys are amazing sweet,kind,silly,energetic,and loving.

This is perfect.

These boys are beautiful i dont even really listen to like pop but they are the nicest sweetest people and i love One Direction music

no matter what

I luv by heartpersonality not by how rich u r or cute but niall is perfect no matter what .I love u Niall forever though u don't know me but I still luv u more then anything ♥♥♥

Repost if you have never sent them hate<<<<never have and never will

Repost if you have never sent them hate*** I could never hate the people who make the boys happy. Less it's Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is cool and all but it just don't mix with One Direction