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We live on a hunk of rock and metal that circles a humdrum star that is one of 400 billion other stars that make up the Milky Way Galaxy which is one of billions of other galaxies which make up a universe which may be one of a very large number, perhaps an infinite number, of other universes. That is a perspective on human life and our culture that is well worth pondering. ~~~ Carl Sagan

If you say that this thing is the [temporal] Universe, you are right. ~ If you say that it is God who is eternal, you are right. ~ If you say that it is neither the Universe nor God but is something conveying some additional meaning, you are right.


This perfectly timed photo taken by Marina Scarr of an American alligator just about to swallow an unlucky gar fish in Florida, USA. The photograph was submitted to National Geographic’s Annual Photo Contest in the Spontaneous Moments category.


White Rhino charging - The white Rhino’s name is taken from the Afrikaans word “wyd,” which means “wide” and describes its mouth. Early English settlers in South Africa misinterpreted the "wyd" for " white".

Railway diamond crossing at Nagpur,India

This Is Patented Railway Crossing At Nagpur. One And Only In Indian Railway Called Diamond Crossing. It Is The Point Where India Cross From North To South & East To West.