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25 Recycled Denim Purses and Bags Tutorials Made From Jeans

Jeans Resurrection: Petite Denim Clutch For this tutorial you will need a paper grocery bag, old jeans, cotton fabric, stabilizer and a magnetic snap.

Fed up with never having the right color clutch to match your outfit? With this simple DIY no-sew clutch bag your problems are over.

Create the easiest DIY no-sew clutch from a place mat and a thrifted belt @ By Wilma - I'm much more the "gluer" than a needle-friend.) So this will work much more for me than every sewing project.

When it comes to weight loss, in particular losing baby weight, there’s one area that often proves to be incredibly stubborn; the tummy. Whether it’s post pregnancy weight, a few extra kilograms that have creeped up over the months/years or …

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