OMMX Architects design buildings, rooms and objects, all concerned with architecture’s capacity to hold the collective and individual rituals of everyday life. Each project, regardless of scale or site, registers with an understanding of context through architectural detail and an ongoing investigation into material, composition and experiential quality.

We are currently working on a new-build project to redevelop a 500 sqm site in Borough into series of high end residential units with accompanying commercial space. Issues of light, overlooking and the tightness of the surrounding urban.

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Context Forgotten Andrew Wagner During his initial thesis research in Architectural Ornament and a study of and century field expedition manuscripts, Andrew developed a deep interest in.

▲ Viar Estudio Arquitectura

Joona liked to approach to Eteläsatama each time he sailed to Helsinki. Leaving Vakosaari port side he saw the new Guggenheim Museum. It seemed to Joona as if the building had always been there, a well-shaped port warehouse, a great portico drawn again.