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My favorite childhood doll!

Sharon Amorosa
I had this case in pink! Loved my Barbie, her convertible,Midge, Skipper and Francie dolls! Barbie I, Vintage Barbie Dolls, Barbie World, Barbie And Ken, Play Barbie, Barbie Stuff, Barbie Doll Case, Barbie House, My Childhood Memories

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I’m going to make shoes for a doll using a cereal box, ribbon, felt, thread, a sewing needle, a pencil, mod podge or clear school glue and glue. I start by tracing my doll’s foot onto a piece of cardboard from a cereal box. I’m just going to round up the toe a little bit more, cut it out using it as a pattern I trace another, flip it to the other side to make the other shoe repeat until there are two for each shoe, cut them out, fold the pieces of the cereal box in half. I place

A fabulous pink and black dress coat hybrid for Silkstone Barbie. - A fabulous pink and black dress coat hybrid for Silkstone Barbie… with a matching black flat rim h - Barbie Style, Barbie I, Barbie World, Barbie Dress, Barbie And Ken, Barbie Clothes, Barbie Outfits, Barbie House, Barbie Vintage

Preferably Pink for early Bogue’s Vogues Vendredi

Preferably pink refers to the doll in this photo but it really could be the gown as well. This was perhaps my favorite Bogue’s Vogues purchase of the year though choosing a favorite Bogue’s Vogue is like choosing my favorite child between my two kids….impossible. This delicious pink cotton pique number with rolled black velvet…