Slimming World's orange and raspberry bites are so simple to make, with a zesty base, using Quark to cheat the frosting and fresh fruit on top. Perfect for sweet cravings, plus it gives you an extra portion of fruit. You'll make this again and again, but you can also experiment with flavours by swapping the orange for lemon or lime instead, or topping with different berries.

Slimming World: Jelly sweets: Add 2 sachets sugar free jelly with 2 sachets powdered gelatine to half pint boiling water & mix well. Pour 2/3 into flat dish put in fridge to set. Mix mullerlight yoghurt into last 1/3 of jelly and mix well. When first layer set add the yoghurt/jelly mix to top and put in fridge. 3 syns for the lot.

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