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Hyderabad has some very famous places, which offer mouth watering Shawarma. Some of the best shawarma joints in Hyderabad are listed here.


9 Shawarma Joints In Hyderabad To Delight Your Taste Buds

Diversity. Hyderabad is all about this. Different people, different culture, different dialects. You belong to the city or not doesn’t matter. What matters, are you a true Hyderabadi at heart? Spending years in this beautiful city of Nizams, only you know what it means to enjoy a cup of irani chai. So here we go with a list of things that only a true Hyderabadi can understand:


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The ‘City of Dreams’ is an absolute shoppers delight. There are hordes of designer shops and malls but there are various markets also that make shopping all the more exciting. With superb bargaining tactics and little bit of research, shopping in Mumbai is something everyone would love! Below is a lots of the local places street shopping in Mumbai where you can find the best at the least cost.

10 Fashion Freaky Places For Street Shopping in Mumbai | Urban Cocktail

If you thought that the names of some of these theme restaurants in Hyderabad are unconventional, you should check out the interiors. Surreal, nostalgic, trendy..many are the vibes you can enjoy at these theme restaurants in Hyderabad. And having found them, we wondered how it’d be if some equally unconventional characters were to visit them..Let’s hear out what they might have to say.

10 Theme Restaurants In Hyderabad For Unforgettable Times

12 Greenilicious Veg Restaurants In Hyderabad