Sometimes the photographer just happens to be at the right place, at the right time. Perfectly Timed Photos is just proof of that. Perfectly Timed Photos, a collection of hilarious pics you must see. Enjoy!

Three students have taken extreme selfies to new heights - by snapping a gravity-defying selfie at the top of Hong Kong's fifth highest building, The Centre. 

Wonder what it'll be like to use a slip and slide to jump off a cliff ? Wonder no more. Popular Youtube channel 'Devin Supertramp' which holds wi

Ping Pong balls can be a great source of entertainment. In this video by the Youtube channel 'Dude Perfect' these guys take shooting amazing tric

Ever since our existence we humans have wondered What it would be like if we had wings. The same curiosity led to the discovery of airplanes. Now

If you love pulling off wheelies on your bike then you're bound to fall in love with this video. This group of stunt riders from Kerala called 'G

Adventure has a way of getting under your skin. You crave for the adrenaline rush but you somehow, somehow control it in the middle of the office

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