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Classic Black Slim Fit Suit, Crisp White Shirt, Tom Ford Sunglasses, and Tan Leather Bag. Men's Spring Summer Fashion.

i thought that black suits will never fits with brown shoes. but what's the tips for this picture?why it looks fit well with brown shoes?is it because of the brown bags?

For a more casual look, a belt can be wider or thinner than the formal one, and can even contrast the color of the rest of the outfit.

Work uniform - excellent light white shirt plus classic jeans (great combination). A brown belt seems to fit well in white and blue shirts combinations.

Zac Effron killing street look with Simple denim jacket , jeans and casual shoes

When we talk about fashion and celebrities, all eyes are turned to NY and especially Los Angeles. It is the town of big celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, David Beckham and others. Californians have their own way of dressing and there are some pi

Skinny Fit- Clean Wash | 21 MEN - 2039013766

Can never go wrong with a simply black skinny fit jeans