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♦ moroccan wedding blanket

Handira, or Moroccan Wedding blankets, are hand woven out of sheep’s wool, cotton, and linen. The blankets are laborious as they can take hours to complete. Because of the amount of hard work…

moroccan wedding quilt sequins bedroom

A "Morrocan Wedding Blanket". I'd neither heard of nor seen a Morrocan Wedding Blanket before, but I don't understand why the North Africans have been hiding these things of incredible beauty from us!

Kylie Minogue Safia Silver sequin bedding range - BHS

Kylie Minogue Safia Silver sequin bedding range Inspired by Kylie's glamour and sophistication this beautiful Safia bed linen range encapsulates glamour. A luxury silver colour with shimmering panels of subtle silver sequins . See more details at BHS