Graphic design by Kate Moross

Don’t bore them with facts, enthrall them with story – Design by Kate Moross

Kate Moross - The INTERNET IS everything

Twenty six year old artist and illustrator Kate Moross says she is fascinated with three sided shapes, illegible typography and fr.

Kate Moross the guardian guide cover graffiti style

The Guardian Guide (UK) Just received a better pic from last weekends cover, here again: ‘Modern pop music' The Guardian Guide section Artwork Kate Moross Art director Sara Ramsbottom

Kate Moross I really like the way that she has hidden her name within this image

Always loved this by Kate Moross. subtle genius of integrating her name into pattern

I like the colours used in this imaged and the shape of the lettering

Kate Moross is an art director from London. Aside from running Studio Moross she also does personal and commercial projects in design, illustration and moving image.

Illustration by Kate Moross

Multicolored Tribal, 2009 by Kate Moross on Curiator, the world's biggest collaborative art collection.

Kiehl’s hero products — Kate Moross

Funny Packaging · Color · Design · Cosmetics · Kiehl’s Hero Products

Kate Moross

It reflects what she likes to do extremely well, and the simple color choice works very well.

Kate Moross Atlantic Records Typography

Kate Moross - very different and very powerful typography artist. I like how her work stands out in front of other typography posters with its contrasting bright and powerful colour blast

Kate Moross

The presentation on Kate Moross was interesting, and I love her use of bright and popping color.