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a woman holding a child in her arms with the words children from hard places on it
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You may have noticed on our blog that we often refer to adopted and foster children as “children from hard places.” This term was coined by Dr. Karyn Purvis, and you can watch her explain it in a video on our site . Any child who has experienced any number of adverse circumstances or risk factors could be described as a child from a hard place. There are 6 risk factors (from Chapter 2 of The Connected Child and Empowered to Connect curriculum) that are
a woman and child looking at each other with the words parenting an angry child
Parenting an Angry Child
Parenting an Angry Child
the top 5 tips for hosting an adoption baby shower at sip and see com
Top 5 Tips for Hosting an Adoption Baby Shower
Having a baby shower is something many expectant moms look forward to. But when a parent is expecting via adoption, it can be difficult to
a man and woman holding a baby wrapped in a purple blanket on top of a bed
Bonding with Your Baby
Bonding with your adopted child through ages and stages
a family tree is shown with all the branches labeled in green and white, as well as
Family Tree with Birth- and Adoptive Family Template
This adoptive family tree for kids includes room for even more family members. The birth parents and grandparents go in the root level and adoptive parents and grandparents go in the branches, as do up to six siblings. Free to download and print
Foster care PTSD scary statistic. Foster Kid, Becoming A Foster Parent, Adoption Resources, Foster Kids, Foster To Adopt, Foster Family, Post Traumatic
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Foster care PTSD scary statistic.
a man holding the hand of a little boy who is walking in front of him
Favorite Dr. Purvis quote - The Connected Child. love this!!!!! thank you Dr Purvis
a man standing with his hands on his hips wearing a t - shirt that says, adoption works
Kids Call Me Doc • Dr Beth Robinson
This is both nerdy and raising our family related. I can't wait to adopt someday.
a couple kissing each other while holding a sign that says,'100 adoption quotes '
100 Inspirational Adoption Quotes for Adoptive Families
an info sheet with different types of information
Online Master of Social Work | USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck
Adoption in America [INFOGRAPHIC]
an image of a blurry photo with the words you should be grateful, you're so lucky
Terms Matter - Attempting Agape: Foster Care Adoption, Photographer in Minneapolis, MN
Positive Adoption Language - She is adopted vs. She was adopted.
an image of a quote that says, always remember you are adopting a human being not just a baby
Original pinner: no matter what age you are hoping to adopt, or have adopted or dream of adopting - always, always, please, remember the parenting side of adoption. The humanity side of adoption (of your child and their first family). Because every baby I have EVER met - grew up.
Adoption loss Birth Mother Quotes, Adoption Loss, Quotes For Boys, Shower Quotes, Baby Shower Quotes
Adoption loss
two people sitting on a couch in the grass with an elephant behind them and another person standing next to it
The Goggins are adopting a little boy from Uganda
Our adoption photo shoot by @Brittany Lauren Photography
two people standing next to each other in front of a wall with numbers on it
Adoption "Maternity" Shoot :)