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Salman khan is a painter, writer, telly host, eligible bachelor and gym icon all rolled into one. Know more about Sallu on

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Salman's weird body language, his awkward movements, his sappy dialogues, carefree attitude, his drab dressing sense, funnily enough have all become a style statement and public love him for this. For exclusive pictures click

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Salman got a new brother!! Discover his unseen videos on

Salman khan is probably the only star that has launched so many new talents in the industry and become a godfather. To know more click

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One aspect that sets Salman Khan different from other stars in Bollywood - His attitude! For unseen images click

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Salman is probably one of the only star to start his own foundation for the kids and the poor. To know more about his philanthropic deeds click

Salman Khan- The Actor, The Super Star, The Controversial guy and The Resilient Survivor. For more stunning pictures click

‘Zindagi mein teen cheezein kabhi underestimate mat karna’- I, me and myself. To know more about this superstar click