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President Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday has cautioned that India is most likely to confront many challenges both from within and outside the country in its march towards it’s the “justifiable position” in the comity of nations.---->>>>Read more>>>

आप रोज सुबह उठ कर गुनगुना पानी तो होगों ही लेकिन अगर आप गुनगुने पानी में नींबू डालकर पिएंगे तो बहुत फायदा होगा। इस से आप के शरीर से सभी टॉक्सिन निकल जाएगें। साथ ही पेट भी साफ हो जाएगा।--->>>

Strategically located on the border of Delhi and Gurgaon, the IT capital of North India can found a veritable oasis in the form of Calista Resort, which will offer you revitalizing ideas for celebrating your D- days in your budget.--->>>

Almost a month and a half after militants struck at an Army camp in Uri which killed 17 soldiers, with two more soldiers succumbing later, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar visited the attack site on Wednesday and asked the Indian soldiers--->>

India’s biggest car maker Maruti Suzuki’s durable performance in the September month has secured its case to maintain its premium price-earnings multiple in the medium term.---->>

The increasing threat perception India faces currently could affect foreign visitors visit to the country as travel season begins. The US Embassy in New Delhi issued on Tuesday a terror warning for its citizens in India, warning of increased threat

कोई भी महिला पार्टी, ऑफिस या कॉलेज जाती है, तो मेकअप करना नहीं भूलती। वहीं मेकअप की बात हो और लिपस्टिक की बात ना हों, ऐसा हो नहीं सकता। लिपस्टिक महिलाओं के लुक में चार चांद लगा देता है।---->>>

आज का विचार : 2/11/2016

Bollywood very own ‘king of romance’ Shah Rukh Khan turns 51 today and right from the time he entered in the industry, he has himself been an inspirational for many others . A star who remains an inspiration for numerous of strugglers who hope to make it big in the industry.