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an image of two peacocks on a black and white background with words written below
Tribal Tapestry of Jawhar for Maharashtra Unlimited
Tribal Tapestry of Jawhar for Maharashtra Unlimited on Behance
an elephant with a hat on it's head is shown in black and white
Decorated Indian elephant stock vector. Illustration of cultural - 9700349
Decorated Indian Elephant Royalty Free Stock Images - Image: 9700349
hendi tattoos on the leg of a woman
a pair of legs with tattoos on them and an eye in the middle, sitting next to each other
the legs are decorated with henna and bracelets
a woman's leg with hendi tattoos on it and her hand holding the arm
an intricately designed painting on the wall in front of a door that says aarti gada
a drawing of a peacock with flowers on it's head and the words pinal golialiya written below
before and after pictures of hendi tattoos