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the cover of monster six professional resolutions for the new year, with fireworks coming out
Professional Resolutions
You’ve made your new year’s resolution: focus your energy on your professional life. So how and where do you start? Experts offer a strategy for success 🎆
the cover of monster dos and don'ts of office party etiquette
Office Party Etiquette
Your coworker’s idea of office party fun is photocopying their body parts (yikes!). Avoid situations like this, with these party dos and don'ts 🥂 🎉
the cover of monsters and festive secret santa gift ideas for coworkers
Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers
What’s your Secret Santa 🎅 comfort level? Whether you’re thrilled - or not - by the thought of exchanging gifts with coworkers, these ideas are sure to be a hit.
a sign with the words find seasonal jobs near you in red, white and blue
Seasonal Jobs Near You!
Seasonal jobs are a great way to gain experience, earn extra cash 🤑 , and try out a new career. Discover how and where to find the right one for you
two pumpkins with the words if you love halloween, you'll love any of these jobs
If you love'll love these jobs
Can’t get enough of Halloween? Turn your love of candy 🍬 , pumpkin-carving skills 🎃 , and scare tactics 👻 , into a year-round job
a woman standing in front of a red background with the words monster recruit horror stories
Recruiter Horror Stories
Job seekers beware! Don’t become a recruiter horror story. These recruiters share their terrifying tales from the trenches
the front cover of monster jobs that'll give you the creeps, with an image of a spider on it
10 Scary Jobs
Are you unfazed by all things icky, nerve-racking, or just plain unpleasant? Then you may be just the candidate for a job that flies in the face of fear
a woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer monitor with the words who needs to work on holidays?
Working on a Holiday?
Working on a holiday can put a damper on anyone’s festive spirit, but there can be silver linings to working on holidays. Here's everything you need to know about holiday pay laws and tips for holiday work, plus how to get through the day and how to appreciate the potential advantages.
Setting Boundaries at Work During the Holidays
Make sure you’re able to enjoy your time off around the holidays by setting a few boundaries at work.
Working the week before Christmas
Does anyone actually get any work done the week before the holidays?
a man sitting at a desk working on his laptop with the words, 15 work from home gifts your remote colleagues will love
Secret Santa Gifts
Still looking for the perfect secret santa gift? Here are a few ideas for work from home gifts that will surprise and delight your coworkers.
two christmas cards with the words dos and don'ts of christmas office party etiquette
Holiday Office Party Dos & Don'ts
Have an office holiday party coming up? Before you go, check out our top dos and don'ts to ensure a successful, festive evening with your colleagues.
the cover of toy companies hiring now, with an image of a dinosaur in a wagon
Toy Companies Hiring Now!
Does this time of year have you reminiscing about how much fun you had with new toys as a kid? A job with one of these top toy companies can give you the chance to bring that magic to life for others during the holidays and all year round.
A recent Monster poll shows that 84% of our members plan to look for a seasonal job in 2020— a 59% increase over prior years. How will COVID-19 impact seasonal hiring? Recruitment Process, Employer Branding, Hiring Process, Flexible Working, Job Description, Job Posting, Best Practices, How To Find
Seasonal Hiring After COVID-19
A recent Monster poll shows that 84% of our members plan to look for a seasonal job in 2020— a 59% increase over prior years. How will COVID-19 impact seasonal hiring?
a black and white photo with the words get your seasonal hiring in gear
Get Your Seasonal Hiring In Gear
Experts share insights on what to expect when filling short-term roles around the holidays.