This is a photographic image, showing what happens when Apples decay. The use of dark background, dark lighting and dark surface that contrasts with the green decaying apple emphasises a sort of death theme in this image. As decay symbolises death.

This still life photo has a really interesting subject. I would definitely never think to photograph a rotting apple as the main subject in a still life, but the dark and moody lighting surrounding it completes the image without including too much.

gardenism: morte  midsummer sacrifices for the garden gods

Southern Folklore says if you find a dead bird on your door step a close family member has died. To dream of dead birds represents the death of ones spirit and or loss of freedom.

Older Design and 2D Work - Alice Taranto

Uncommon angles of the human skeleton charcoal drawings Older Design and Work - Alice Taranto

This picture represents how after Gregor changed he no longer liked fresh food, but craved rotten food and mold. since as a bug his taste buds would change for rotten food instead of fresh foods.

Peeled Clementine, J Palmer Daily painting Original Oil still life Art


Beautiful in life and in death. the photographer said she took the picture in summer 2010 in Colorado right outside of a friend's cabin.

Daniela Scarel: Nunzio Paci " Segnature "

nunzio paci, se non potrò camminare, imparerò a volare

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